Siân Rowland
PSHE consultant

“A lovely review that I shall use for years to come!” Jamie Rix, author of ‘The Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck’ (Orion)


“I love your review of Numbers! You completely get what the book is about. I love your phrase about peeping beneath the hoodies, because that was exactly one of the things I was trying to do.” Rachel Ward, author of ‘Numbers’ (Chicken House).



I keep in touch with my creative side through writing. I write short stories and stories for children as well as magazine features, newspaper stories and reporting at book-related events.


I write book reviews and attend events for Writeaway.


Education materials

I write for magazines and newspapers and it's not always about education! Some of my work is listed below but please contact me to discuss any commissions.

This feature on Strictly Come Dancing was for Surrey Life magazine.  

I write curriculum materials for courses and training and also for commercial companies.

I'm a writer for the Co-op green schools revolution. You can register now and the materials will be availablefrom September 2011.


I also write book reviews and attend events for Writeaway.

This feature is about choirs and the emotional wellbeing of singing!