Siân Rowland
PSHE consultant

'Your expert advice, personalised curriculum and resources has helped our school to tackle a delicate but necessary aspect of PSHE.' Primary Head teacher.

About me

I'm passionate about PSHE. I believe that positive health and wellbeing underpins everything we do in school. Children and young people need to feel healthy, safe and supported in order to reach their potential.


Our track record in children's health in the UK is improving all the time but there is still some way to go.

Schools are perfectly placed to offer their students a high quality PSHE curriculum linked to positive school ethos and involving the whole school community.

I'm from a teaching background and was seconded from the primary school where I was a primary deputy head to work for Merton local authority as Healthy Schools coordinator and PSHE adviser. In 2006 I was approached by Kingston and Richmond to run the Healthy Schools programme which I ran with Merton until 2011.


I've worked closely with local partners such as schools sports, NHS services, CAMHS and nutritionists in order to help schools become as healthy as possible.


I have a Batchelor or Education (Hons.) degree and a Master's in school and college leadership and management. I lso hold the PSHE certificate.


"Just five months into the PSHE certification course I felt I had gained enough expertise to lead the school forward and to develop their PSHE to a standard they should be proud of.' Secondary school teacher